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't see any reason why the stock couldn't keep rallying, especially if the s&ps keep rallying. > the euro hit an 11-month high on friday. what is the trade there? > > it's interesting, we've seen a total correlation break between gold and the euro. it used to be, the euro rallies, gold rallies; the euro falls, gold falls. now, as we come in this morning, the euro has been up, up, up. gold is getting hammered. i think it shows how much weakness is in gold, and how the euro bank situation is really strengthening. > thank you mark. > > thank you. the tumultuous tenure of treasury secretary timothy geithner began in the bleakest economic times since the great depression. in our cover story, a look at whether the policies under his watch improved things or left taxpayers more vulnerable than ever. the economy is not in free-fall, nor are the markets frozen, as many describe the financial crisis timothy geithner faced when he became treasury secretary as president obama was sworn into office the first time. finance professor dale rosenthal says government- directed taxpayer bailouts helped stab
of the euro? > > to continue my optimism- > > absolutely. > > i thought last year was the death of the euro. > > it's a soap opera. it goes on. > > it was the year before, and it was the year before that. > > the euro is absolutely going down. we do not have anything solved i think. germany just keeps giving them money. at some point, germany is going to say, "hey, you are my child. grow up. you can't have any more money. sorry. you're out on your own." your child is going to turn 18 or 21, and they are going to say, "sorry, you don't get any more money." germany goes, "you're done." i am looking for the euro to get above this $1.32 level- > > down to $1.20. > > -push to $1.36 here in the near-term. so it's still got a lot of power left. > all right, round three: sector spector. which sector will outpace the market action in 2013? > > i want to go after some value and look at some certain sectors that have beaten down and are out of favor. i am going to say it right now: coal, steel, things of that nature. > > alan is into this belief that china is not slowing and that they actually come up
in the euro? > > we are seeing a weak dollar, but also we are seeing some strength in the european markets. again, there was some news about spain, some concern about their gdp; but for the most part, i think that the overall consensus right now is just that things are looking up a little bit across the board for the most part. so, i think that optimism is spreading a little bit. we haven't really seen the dollar come off yet, but i want to point out while the euro is inching its way up to that $1.36 level, this is really just a test of upper levels that we saw last year. we need to see some follow- through, some conviction, before i am really buying into it. again, i think right now it is just a test of the upper extreme. > it's good to have your thoughts ben. thank you. > > thank you. the maker of the blackberry, the smartphone that once dominated the market but has since been replaced, has hopes for a comeback with the launch of a new line of phones. our cover story takes a look at immediate reaction to the phone and the dream. with all the i.t. and marketing flair we've come to expect
but surely the euro is heading higher. why is that larry? > > we saw at the euro drop so much, and obviously europe was dealing with so many problems, things don't - markets expecially - don't move forever, and i think this is just a recovery. had a whole lot of people short, and some of those shorts are starting to pop out. and the higher the market goes, the more shorts will come out of it. > good to have you on the show. that's larry levin of trading advantage. > > thank you. in our cover story, bank deals here and across the pond. bank of america is among ten banks that reached agreements with federal regulators over foreclosure abuses. the settlement includes billions of cash payments to borrowers who suffered foreclosures or are in danger of losing their homes. the settlement resolves the so- called robo-signing scandal - the hasty process by which banks approved foreclosures. banks involved include bank of america, citigroup, wells fargo, jp morgan chase and six others. "bank of america, or really countrywide, was not being as careful as they should have been in looking at the documen
to do whatever it takes to keep the euro together, has kept some column. but that could blow up. there are some big elections in 2013 in europe, particularly in germany and italy. the outcomes of those could have a huge impact on if the eurozone is able to stay together, and if that is going to have an effect on the united states economy. there are just a lot of open questions there. certainly it adds a lot of things for investors to keep in mind. > jeremy glaser from morningstar. thanks so much. > > you're welcome. coming up, we have a preview of what hollywood has in store for moviegoers in the year ahead. that's next. and there's a big advantage parents can give their kids -- making sure they get active at least 60 minutes each day. studies show that physical activity not only helps kids stay healthy, it can enhance important skills, like concentration and problem solving, which can improve academic performance. this means physical activity can help your kids in the most important game of all -- life. 2012 was a box office smash with a record number of ticket sales at $10.8 b
100 locations in the european country. calling the euro crisis "temporary," mcdonald's' italian chief executive said the plan will create 3,000 jobs. along with its business in brazil, russia, china, and other countries, mcdonald's predicts its business in italy will grow over the next decade. a record number of people will be able to afford homes this year. that latest piece of encouraging news about the housing market comes from the national assocation of realtors. the group's index of housing affordability hit a record 194 in 2012. a reading of 100 indicates people earning a median income have exactly enough money to qualify for buying a median priced home. still, economists are concerned tight credit standards could put the brakes on home buyers. the irs is catching criticism for how it manages cases of identity theft. in a report issued to congress this week, a taxpayer advocate group accuses the irs of "falling short" in assisting victims of id theft. the group argues that the irs does not have the staff to handle the flood of cases it receives. cases of tax-related identity t
of the work currently done by its employees. since the introduction of the euro in 2002, the bank has cut about 25% of its work force. car sales in china could be facing a jam. research from ubs finds that growing traffic problems in cities such as beijing and shanghi may soon spur government action. the bank expects the chinese government to soon place restrictions on car ownership, which could cause sales to fall in the world's largest auto market. a judge is okaying the punishment for bp's historic oil spill. the oil giant will pay a record $4 billion in criminal penalties, plus plead guitly to manslaughter for its role in the 2010 oil disaster in the gulf. 11 workers were killed in the explosion onboard the drilling rig deep water horizon and more than 200 million gallons of oil gushed into the ocean. bp will be fined for lying to congress about the spill's size. the oil company is expected to shell out $7.8 billion to residents and businesses along the gulf goast. among stocks making major moves off of earnings news, ford shares stalled out yesterday, falling 5.8%. the car maker rat
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)

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